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Consistency is the key, and we have just what you need! Join our 5-Week Courses with progressive dance classes! Students enrolled in these courses will get a chance to learn the latest Bollywood dance hits, sharpen dance techniques and an opportunity to perform! We are now offering In-Studio classes at 5 convenient locations in Brampton, Mississauga, Downtown Toronto, Markham and Scarborough!

What is the outcome?

🌟Learn various songs, and get a chance to perform

🌟Be a part of a professional Performing Arts experience


🌟Focus on dance knowledge (techniques and terminology), not just choreography


🌟Learn from

dance educators with over 25 years of experience in the Bollywood industry.


🌟A deeper understanding of styles taught in class


🌟Exclusive customised workouts for dancers to improve flexibility and body conditioning


🌟Various dance styles and a convenient & flexible studio schedule in 7 convenient locations to choose from


🌟Have fun, learn and grow as a dancer

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BEGINNER"I've never danced before!" or “I have danced a little back but it's been a while"

Classes for everyone! Classes at this level are slow-paced and fun. No dance experience required.

COMBO "I have a good grasp of my basics”

No dance experience required. Difficulty may vary as instructors determine the level of their students each class. Some classes may be slow paced and fun, others may push students to challenge themselves as dancers.

INTERMEDIATE"I’ve been training consistently and am ready to take my dance to the next level”

A minimum of 1 to 2 years of dance experience is required for these classes. Choreography is faster paced, and instructors focus on style and technique.

*Please note that all intermediate course enrollments are subject to an evaluation by the Instructor. This assessment is to determine whether the level is the right fit. Any student that does not pass the evaluation will be asked to switch to a level better suited to their needs.

INTENSIVE | "I'm ready to dance with the best"

Students must audition to enroll at this level.

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