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Our workshops provide the thrill of dance without the long-term commitment. We bring in top talents to make sure you have some of the most fun, high energy and welcoming dance classes around. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate dancer, our experienced instructors will guide you through classes with energy and enthusiasm.

Every class brings new choreography, and be sure to keep an eye for the oppurtunity to learn from guest instructors and choreographers!

Scroll below to check out our calendar and let's dance together!


BEGINNER"I've never danced before!" or “I have danced a little back but it's been a while"

Classes for everyone! Classes at this level are slow-paced and fun. No dance experience required.

COMBO/ OPEN LEVEL "I have a good grasp of my basics”

No dance experience required. Difficulty may vary as instructors determine the level of their students each class. Some classes may be slow paced and fun, others may push students to challenge themselves as dancers.

INTERMEDIATE"I’ve been training consistently and am ready to take my dance to the next level”

A minimum of 1 to 2 years of dance experience is encouraged for these classes. Choreography is faster paced, and instructors focus on style and technique.


Try drop-in classes anytime or save money by getting our
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Class Schedule

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