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General Questions

  • All registrations are quick, easy, and best of all convenient. Register online with us from the comfort of your own home by going directly to the School tab on our menu.  

  • We offer a variety of courses for both kids and adults that have been divided by age groups, as well as levels. Have a look!

    Kids | Ages 4- to 7-year-old
    Juniors | Ages 8- to 12-year-old
    Adults | Ages 13 and above. Due to an open enrollment system, it is difficult to determine the dominant age group within our adult classes. However, our past enrollment history has shown a majority of students between 20- to 40-year-olds, with some extremes that are younger or older.

  • Here’s a neat chart for you to assess where you are. Let’s have a look and see how to choose:

    Beginner | "I've never danced before!" + "I need to review the basics." + “I have danced a little, but it’s been a while”
    Beginner/ Combo/ Open Level | "I think I have a good grasp of my basics”
    Intermediate | "I’ve been training consistently and am ready to take my dance to the next level”
    Intensive | "I'm ready to dance with the best"

    Still unsure? Give us a call and we will be able to help you determine what level will suit you best. Remember – choosing the wrong level will greatly affect your enjoyment and ability to learn from the class.

  • You can find a full list of our locations here under the School tab. Scroll to the bottom to see all our studios ranging across the GTA. You can find us in Brampton, Mississauga, Markham, Downtown Toronto, and Scarborough! We rent spaces at these locations in order to conduct classes and are not physically there during off hours. Any queries and communications should instead be directed to our office line at 647-370-5282 or email at

  • Unsure whether to commit to a course? We have workshops running on a weekly basis that can serve to determine if BDS is the right fit for you. Enroll for the level of your choice, show up and have a blast! Find the full schedule of workshops here.

  • Unfortunately, in order to ensure the comfort and safety of our students, we do not permit any by-standers to view or audit any classes being conducted. Performances of our past classes may be viewed on our YouTube page here

  • To begin with, ensure that you have spoken with a licensed physician who has given you the greenlight in order to take up high intensity cardio activity. Your safety is our number one concern, and we want to ensure that you dance safely. Once you have that approval, make sure to let your instructor know regarding your conditions so they may advise on alterations during the warmup and choreography. We want you to be able to dance at your best!

Questions about Course Enrollment

  • Though there are no additional fees to enroll for the courses, there are a few additional costs that are attached with the voluntary student performances. Student performances are an optional bonus offered with Courses, and allow students a further enriched understanding of their dance journey. Some of the additional costs for performances include costume rental fees, as well as ticket purchases for any guests coming to watch the show.

  • Of course! Students are allowed a maximum of three absences from the course in order to remain eligible for any student performances. This is to ensure that you meet the minimum number of class hours, and training in order to succeed. Any enrollments past the original start date will have all missed classes counted as absences. There are no adjustments in fees due to late enrollments.

  • Each of our locations learns their own unique songs and choreographies. Due to this, we are unable to accommodate swapping back and forth between venues or classes.

Questions about Missed Classes

  • We're sorry to hear that! Though we are unable to offer any refunds on any purchases, we are able to store your fees as credit for future enrollments. Any classes attended will be deducted at a pro-rated amount and the balance of the fees will be put aside as credit with no expiry date. Please email us at and we'll take it from there!

  • Any classes missed will be considered as an absence, and there is no provision for a makeup class. However, in instances where we cancel a class from our end, a makeup date will be provided!

  • Snowstorms and bad weather are a way of life in Canada, and we are no strangers to conducting classes in the midst of this season! If any severe weather arises, we defer to the weather network and government communications to determine if it will be safe to travel. In cases where a shutdown is advised, we will communicate with all students and reschedule the class accordingly.

Still Have Questions?

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