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Need help getting started, but not ready for group classes?

Have a performance coming up and need help in bringing out your best?

Don’t worry – we got you!


Why take private training from us?

The benefits are huge! Our Private Training clients enjoy tailor made sessions that take into account their personal goals and interests, schedule, and location. Our instructors are able to deliver a higher degree of personal focus to their training, and adapt choreographies, techniques and pace based on what suits you the best. 

We offer Private, Semi-Private, and Group training to tailor to your goals 

Private Training | This is on a one-on-one basis. Ideal for solo choreographies and performances.

Semi-Private Training | This is for any training where two students are being taught together. Ideal for duet choreographies and performances.

Group Training | This is for any training that has three or more students being taught simultaneously. Ideal for group choreographies and performances.

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